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You wanted to learn English alone and refresh your language skills?

10 января
19:58 2023

There are many tips on the Internet on how to quickly learn English. On our website has an excellent guide to study English. We also have many tips and techniques that will make your study of English faster and lighter.

If you want to learn English, you have to train language usage interactively, i.e. train both passive and active language use.

But why should you actually learn English at all?

There is no age for foreign languages. You can learn English at any age. Whether you are a student, working or pensioner: English is an asset to everyone. Why?

  • It enables international information sources to be searched and facilitates independent opinion formation
  • It expands the personal and cultural horizon
  • It is an absolute plus when applying
  • It helps to get to know new people abroad and maybe even have more fun on vacation
  • Find out below how you can best learn English as a beginner.

Basically, you can take some tips and tricks to heart that help you achieve quick successes:

  • Ten vocabulary per day
  • Hang up index cards with English vocabulary at home
  • Translate English lyrics
  • Watch series and films in the original English language
  • Listen to English podcasts
  • Read books and messages in English
  • Take an online course
  • Find an English learning partner
  • Travel abroad and work there

But how do you learn English the fastest and most effective?

Regardless of age or individual educational background, acquiring a foreign language on your own is often seen as an insurmountable obstacle.

Of course, this also includes the English language, which often turns out to be black sheep among the school subjects.

But don't panic now!

First of all: there is no miracle solution that enables everyone to learn a foreign language in the same way.

It is a "trial error" principle when you learn alone: in a way you just have to find out what suits you best. Some get along better with a course that drives them to regular exercises. Others, on the other hand, find it easier to learn a foreign language via an app for Android or Apple or a digital language course from home.

It is an excellent method to save English words that you once heard, for example in a film or in the subway, in the brain.

Not very chic, but effective: wallpaper your home with vocabulary cards! Alternatively, you can also cover objects in your apartment with post-its of the respective translation.

And remember: As soon as you discover an unknown word, note it immediately, check it out and take it into your vocabulary list. You can also use Apps for Android or Apple for this and therefore always and from anywhere falling on possible stumbling blocks.

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