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AI Insight from a Machine Learning Development Company

22 сентября
15:52 2019

Back in the middle of the 20th century, prerequisites appeared for the emergence of artificial intelligence as a field of science, but so far, there is no single answer to what artificial intelligence (AI) does. After all, every author discusses this through the lens of the science in which he or she specializes.

There is no exact definition of the “rationality” of computers, although a number of hypotheses have been proposed, from which we can distinguish two main approaches to the development of AI. The first of them is top down, in which knowledge databases are created to mimic high-level mental processes, such as reasoning, thinking, speech, creativity and emotions in general. The second approach, bottom up, is aimed at studying neural networks that replicate intelligent behavior and creating appropriate computing systems like a bio- or neurocomputer.

What about research methods?

There are three main approaches:

  • Robotics (assistance in manipulating objects);
  • Machine thinking (decision making, planning, forecasting);
  • Machine learning (self-knowledge).

We will dwell on machine learning in more detail because it is this area that was paramount from the very beginning of AI development.

There are about ten methods of machine learning, including learning with and without a teacher, active learning, reinforced learning, and others. This area includes a large class of tasks related to pattern recognition, be it speech, handwritten text or symbols. AI experts from Celadon, an app development company with the focus on both AI and ML, believe that the further development of this industry will help humanity partially or fully automate work in various spheres of life from bioinformatics and all kinds of diagnostics to financial supervision and forecasting customer care. The company has already collected an impressive portfolio of ML-associated cases and established its presence in New York, so you can contact Celadon in the USA to learn more about AI-based opportunities for various businesses.  


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